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Why Appliance Repair Service?

Qualified and Experienced

As an official Bosch/Siemens/Neff appliance engineer I have received the best training in the business.  On top of this industry leading training I have 30 years experience dealing with appliances for Bosch/Siemens/Neff as well as most other brands.

Friendly and Reliable service

I have been visiting customers in their homes for over 30 years.  In this time I have met and helped all kinds of people whether in a council flat in Peckham, to a penthouse in Mayfair.  All of these people have one thing in common: they are all my customers. They all receive the same friendly, trustworthy and efficient service.

Quality not Quantity.

Engineers from large firms are not given enough time on a job.  They usually have another ten jobs to do that day, so unfortunately, quality suffers to quantity.

With me you get the benefit of 30 years experience diagnosing and fixing appliances. Because this is my own business you, the customer, mean everything to me.  I only take on a small amount of jobs each day, this means that I can provide a fast, quality, service and the chances of mis-diagnosing a fault, ending up in multiple visits, are kept to an absolute minimum.

If you are looking for an excellent, reliable service from a qualified, experienced, engineer contact me.